1. Almonds

#1 ALMONDS: Eat 10 raw almonds everyday. Protein, minerals, trace minerals, fiber and more. A lot of life power is packed into this little portable package!

2. Apples

#2 APPLES: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” NO kidding. Best kept secret: got a sweet tooth? Eat an apple everyday and watch what happens- can you say: “bye bye sweet tooth bye bye”!

3. Avocado's

#3 AVOCADOS: aka: “Green Health Bombs”! Rich in monounsaturated fats supporting heart, nerves, bones, muscles and joints. Cholesterol-lowering and Cancer Fighting….need any more reasons?!

4. Blueberries

#4 BLUEBERRIES: The darker the fruit…the more potent the Antioxidants. It’s not a hardship to eat these little blue beauties………fresh or frozen. If there are other people in the family….remember to share!

5. Coconut Oil

#5 COCONUT OIL: Miraculous is not too strong a word unless you think that antibacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal is no big deal. Want to protect your brain? Cook with it. Want to lose weight? It will be your new BFF.

6. Kale

#6 KALE: The King of Greens sitting at the top of the “A Team” in Antioxidant Power. One of cancer’s worst nightmares! Ever try it raw? Replace your favorite salad greens with fresh kale…..you may never eat iceberg again!

7. Onions

#7 ONIONS: Eat ‘em raw. Eat ‘em cooked. Just eat ‘em. So many varieties from leeks to shallots to Vidalias and reds, onions are a powerhouse of disease-fighting forces. We humans can’t make our own anti-cancer compounds so we have to get them from plants. Put ‘em in everything!

8. Quinoa

#8 QUINOA: “Keen-waa” is how you pronounce it and there are no limits to how you can eat it! The only seed in nature that has all the building blocks (aka: amino-acids) for a complete protein. Impressive! Easy as grits to make and way way better for you…..way

9. Spinach

#9 SPINACH: Like its cousin above, this darker green plays a critical role in disease prevention and is very versatile and readily available. Raw in salads, sauteed with garlic, processed into pesto……..add more, not less to your diet. Your body will thank you!

10. Walnuts

#10 WALNUTS: The #1 source of Omega-3 fatty-acids in the Vegetarian world. Huge brain food, great protein too. Eat ‘em raw, chop up on salads, add to pesto, make a trail mix or add to your morning oatmeal or smoothie. Ten a day is all you need!